Monday, September 28, 2015

Gather in the Hall of the Planets by Barry N. Malzberg

An alien visits an almost-past-his-prime science fiction author and tells him that one of the visitors of the upcoming Worldcon is an alien in disguise. He is supposed to find out who the imposter is, or humanity is doomed as the aliens will then destroy humanity as unworthy. The alien is supposed to be someone he knows very well. Unfortunately, most people he meets at the Worldcon are pretty strange – but they are being their normal selves. How will it be possible to find the alien? Or since his career is nothing really spectacular, should he even bother? Why should he even care about humanity? A very cynical book with a cynical protagonist and cynical outlook towards fandom. The author seems to hate fandom and conventions and lets it show. On the other hand, the protagonist is clearly unstable and all events may only be figments of his imagination. A fairly short book, but could have been shorter – a novelette might have been the best length for this plot.

121 pp.

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