Monday, March 28, 2011

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2011

A fairly nice issue. Nothing really good, but no real stinkers, either. I haven’t received my subscription copy yet, so I bought an electronic copy from Fictionwise.

Hiding Place • novella by Adam-Troy Castro
Another part of stories involving a special investigator (with some problems of her own) investigating an unusual crime. Who is the guilty party, when the person who committed a murder later get involved in a mind melded triplet where it isn't possible to differentiate individuals any more. A pretty nice story. ***1/2
Ian's Ions and Eons • novelette by Paul Levinson
A man travels back in time to change the results of a presidential election. He succeeds, but finds out that the cut rate price of a trip doesn't include all the frills. Fairly good, but slight condensing night have been nice. ***+
The Flare Weed • shortstory by Larry Niven
A pretty good Draco tavern story. A tale of an intelligent "plant" that needs a solar flare to live and reproduce. Above average draco story. +++1/2
Two Look at Two • shortstory by Paula S. Jordan
A nice elderly couple living on countryside meet a nice and polite pair of aliens. A very simple story, but very smoothly written with nice, fluent language. ***1/2
Blessed Are the Bleak • shortstory by Edward M. Lerner
Virtual people are coming more and more common, they seem to be surpassing the living humans. And the economy is suffering, living is more expensive and there are more and incentives to be a virtual being. Told from a viewpoint a young man who has some reservations about what is happening. Writing was good, but a bit fragmented style.***
Remembering Rachel • shortstory by Dave Creek
In middle of important negotiations between moon and earth officials a bride on main negotiator is murdered. A mystery story which depends on far too many future technologies in both the method of crime and in solving the puzzle to be really captivating. ***+
Quack • shortstory by Jerry Oltion
A skeptic scientist and a homeopath join forces when they try to proof or disproof homeopathy for good. Very stupid story, there is more than ample proof of the inefficiency of homeopathy. Might have worked as a probability zero story. Writing is smooth, typically for Oltion. ***+
Balm of Hurt Minds • novelette by Thomas R. Dulski
Insectoid aliens have arrived. They have bestowed gifts for mankind, the latest being a perfect sleeping tablet. At the same time many people are starting to have hallucinations...well written, probably somewhat too condensed story. The subject matter would have supported a longer form. ***1/2

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