Monday, March 7, 2011

Analog Science Fiction - Science Fact January 1976

A serial Children of Dune takes the major part of the magazine and there are only three short stories.

The Perfect Cop • shortstory by H. H. MorrisLaw enforcement power is given to robots. They are totally incorruptible and have total knowledge of all laws. Unfortunately, they are somewhat too perfect, and practically the entire population of the city is thrown into a jail. Pretty ok humorous story. ***+
Seven is a Birdsong • shortstory by Charles L. GrantA postapocalyptic world where androids and diseases are feared. There is nothing really interesting. I read this a few days ago and it is a struggle to remember anything about this story. **
Angel • shortstory by Herbie Brennan A religious crank preaches nonsensical religion involving Venusians and Atlantis. But the nonsense in interspaced with military secrets. That might represent a severe security leak. What to do? A small surprise in the best cold war spirit in the end. ***


The Reviewer said...

will you give it a chance to read pulps not necessarily sci-fi? let's say westerns or detective stories?

tpi said...

I might try detective stories, but I have no interest at all for westerns. Those detective stories I do read are usually novels.